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Mat Collishaw: Thresholds, in Domus

It’s a Kind of Magic, in Frieze, Laurie Taylor

Virée virtuelle à Photo London , in Libération, Clémentine Mercier

Mat Collishaw launches his immersive VR portal into the past at Photo London, in

Inside Mat Collishaw's creepy new work of phantoms and apparitions , in Telegraph Magazine, Gaby Wood

Mat Collishaw restages 1839 photography show in virtual reality , Somerset House, London, in The Guardian, Hannah Ellis-Petersen


Mat Collishaw’s forbidden fruit, in The Daily Telegraph

Mat Collishaw's shock tactics: 'Cruelty happening before your eyes', New Art Gallery, Walsall, in The Guardian, Jonathan Jones


JONES Laura K., "Critics Picks: Mat Collishaw", in, May,


MANSFIELD Susan, "Beauty and the bleak", in The Scotsman, Saturday January 15,

MOIRA Moira, "Letting the imagination run wild", in The Herald, January 14, BLACK Catriona, "Cruel inventions", in The Sunday Herald, January 23,

POLLOCK David, "Brutaly Tender'", in Metro, January 12


ROMEO Filippo, "Mat Collishaw", in Flash Art (Italia), n°239, April – May

HERBERT Martin, "Review" in Time Out, London, December 10-17,

HIGGS Matthew, "Freeze", in Artforum, vol.41, n°8, April

"Cosmic Galerie", in 828, n°2, December

ROUX Laetitia, "Mat Collishaw", in Flash Art (international), January - February


LERIS Sophie, "The Crying Game", in ArtReview, n°12, December - January 2003

"Mat Collishaw à Paris", in Les Inrockuptibles, n°361, 23 – 29 October

"Mat Collishaw", in Aden, n°223, 23 – 29 October

VERVIALLE Damien, "Mat Collishaw", in Zurban, n°117, 20 – 26 November

D'AUZAC Véronique, "Mat Collishaw", in Art Press, n°275, January


"Once Upon a time...", in ArtReview, December - January 2002

POLLA Barbara, "Cœurs croisés : Tracey Emin et Mat Collishaw", in Citizen K, n°112, November

BORSCHKE Margie, "Standing in the Shadows", in The Times, 28 February

"Art Listings", in Time Out, 28 February – 17 March

"In Vogue", in Vogue, March


CHAPMAN Joanne, "Mirror Images", in Yorkshire Post, 4 June

THOMPSON Elisabeth, "Singularly beautiful", in Vogue, May

GLEADELL Collin, "The Shape of Things to Come", in Art Monthly, n°226, May

"Underneath the paving stones...", in Art Monthly, n°226, May

"Made in London", in The Royal Academy Magazine, n° 61, Summer

", Making a spectacle of oneself...", in Make, n°83, March


WRIGHT Karen, "Gallery", in Modern Painters, vol.11, Winter

"Ideal Boys/ Matt Collishaw", in Citizen K International, Autumn

BARRET David, "Animation, LEA Gallery", in Frieze, n°42, September - October

DRUCKERY Timothy, "Welcome to Netopolis", in Exposed, January - April

HALL James, "Mat Collishaw: Lisson Gallery", in Artforum, January

BISHOP Claire, "Mat Collishaw: Lisson Gallery", in Flash Art, January - February


COTTER Susan, "A bit of fur, a bit of red and a bit of gold", in Untitled, n°14, Winter

SLICE John, "Mat Collishaw, Lisson Gallery", in What's on in London, 10 December

FEAVER William, "Ono it's that woman again", in The Observer, 7 December

COTTON Michelle, "Duty Free Spirits", in Roar, 5 December

HUBARD Sue, "Mat Collishaw", in Time Out, London, 3 December

CORK Richard, "If you go down to the woods today", in The Times, 2 December

SEARLE Adrian, "Babes in the Woods", in The Guardian, 25 November

SUMPTER Helen, "Beauty and the Beast", in The Big Issue, London, 17 November

MORRISSEY Simon, "Interrogating Beauty", in Contemporary Visual Arts, n°16,

FREEDMAN Karl, "Mat Collishaw- Karsten Schubert Gallery", in Frieze, n°37,

"Artist of the Month, Mat Collishaw", in Tatler, London, November

SANTACATTERINA Stella, "The Pleasure of Loss: Ideal Boys by Mat Collishaw", in Portfolio, n°25, June


"Mat Collishaw, Karsten Schubert, Camden Arts Centre", in Artforum, April

POLLA Virginie, "Mat Collishaw: l'art de l'aplat", in Citizen K, n°10, Autumn

MORGAN Stuart, "Forbidden Images", in Frieze, n°26, February

HERBERT Martin, "The Mechanics of Seduction", in Dazed and Confused, n°23,

"Mat Collishaw: Flower Power", in Technikart, n°6, October

LILLINGTON David, "Metropolism", January


LILLINGTON David, "Mat Collishaw en de kunstmatigheid van de verbeelding", in Metropolis M, n°6, December

SEARLE Adrian, "Mat Collishaw, Karsten Schubert", in Time Out, 13 – 20 December

MAC RITCHIE Lynn, "Begging for Scraps", in The Guardian, 12 December

DRAKE Nicholas, "Mat Collishaw, Karsten Schubert", in E.S. Magazine, 12 December

ANDREW Patrizio, "Mat Collishaw", in Galleries, December

DEN HARTOG JAGER Hans, "Gekroond tot Burger King", in NRC Handelsblad, 22 September

CURRAH Mark, "Deeper Freeze", in Time Out, n°1288, 26 April - May 3

BOVIER Lionel & CHERIX Christophe, "L'Action en Peinture", in Documents, Summer

FEAVER William, "Strange Habits and Sharper Practice", in The Observer, 23 April

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"Mat Collishaw", in Technikart, n°17, March - April

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"Domestic Violence", in Flash Art International, October

"Mat Collishaw", in Flash Art, Italian edition, February

"Nature Morte", in The New Yorker, Art Galleries Downtown, 26 December– 2 January


BONAMI Francesco, "Mat Collishaw", in Flash Art, January - February

WEIL Benjamin, "Displace", in Flash Art, October

VON GREFE Christine, "Rueckkehr der Triebe? ", in Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, n°10,

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KENT Sarah, "Exhibit A", in Time Out, n°1135

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HALL Charles, "Exhibit A", in Arts Review, June


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TAMASHIGE Sashiko, "Mat Collishaw", in Nikkei Art, March

STALLABRASS Julian, "Mat Collishaw", in Art Monthly, n°143,

BOND Henry, "Mat Collishaw", in Creative Camera, March - April

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