Richard WOODS was born in 1966 in Cheshire (United Kingdom). He lives and works in London. Richard WOODS' installations are formal displays that take over the entire space, from floors to the walls, with something between residue and disorientation. For Cosmic Galerie, Richard WOODS redeploys fake wood flooring and 18th century wallpaper patterns. The traditional motifs of these elements oscillate between cheap Classicism and the pomp of 19th century French Romanticism: pastoral scenes, Turkish and Arab motifs, Regency and Arts & Crafts. Richard WOODS amplifies these motifs with an artisinale method using vivid colours, with intentionally vulgar and garish results, in contrast to the pseudo-pretentious and no longer fashionable good taste of these basic motifs. The juxtaposition of these shapes and colours acheives a sense of saturation within the space, with a dense and dramatic effect.