* Mandatory fields

Using, among others, sculpture, film and sound, Italian Swiss-based artist Alfredo ACETO (born in 1991) creates spaces suspended between fiction and reality.His environments are places to live, in which one can find a sort of melancholy, artificial time alteration and image saturation.

The objects he produces are traces, functional elements for the construction of the space where the blurred boundaries between his personal timeline and the collective one express the way chronology can be manipulate. 

His work arises from the will to create a place where would mix together the various strata of a linear form of time, turning into a platform from which signs of different ages emerge.

Developing his work in a creative path that passes through multiple and never truly resolved phases of growth, Alfredo ACETO nurtures his own research by questioning his own self and, more in general, the ego that reigns in every person, if only on a latent level.