Haluk AKAKÇE's work explores the relation between Man and technology, as well as the aesthetics this entails which, once transposed into the field of art, can produce new forms and meanings. His work includes animated video projections, wall paintings and sound installations, revealing abstract and dream-like landscapes where biology, architecture, geometry and metaphysics coexist. This indeed is the very singularity of the perceptival experience of Haluk AKAKÇE's work: to produce highly graphic digital images where abstract, mutant forms produce illusion, tranforming or evanescing representations of reality. With a quasi-fractal logic of expansion, the works of Haluk AKAKÇE draw from an eclectic set of aesthetic references: Celtic and Islamic architecture, Art Deco, sci-fi, American comic books and current fashions. In 'Birth of Art', hyperrealistic flowers are set in motion in a virtual world. The video consists of two contrasting parts. Both, images and musical theme – composed by Michael VECCHIO - in the first place express the hectic feeling of contemporary lives and further create a space of inner serenity through the cathedral stones reflected in the digital flowers. Haluk AKAKÇE uses computer resources to explore and extend the boundaries of painting: "My digital paintings are an attempt to create duration within a plane surface." 'Black on White and White on Black (The Fiction of an Isolated Object)' and 'Blue and Black on White' are intended to be minimal paintings. A flow of lines evolves using a limited range of colours: white, blue and black. Each line symbolises both innocence and solitude : "In their continuous movement of gathering and separation, they either reinforce themselves with tension or shiver with fragility." Born in 1970 (Turkey), Haluk Akakçe lives and works in New York. His work has appeared in numerous solo exhibitions, notably at the Centro Nazionale per le Arti Contemporane (Rome), at the Platform Contemporary Art Center (Istanbul), at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (New York), and the Berlin Kunst-Werke. The New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York, the San Paulo Biennial, the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), the Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (Gand), and the Istanbul Biennial are among the spaces in which his work has appeared in group exhibitions.