Marco Boggio Sella
05/06/2003 > 19/07/2003

Opening on 04/06/2003, from 6 pm to 9 pm

Born in 1972, MARCO BOGGIO SELLA defines himself as a classical artist, whose formal approach reflects his concern about the visual and psychological impact of the artwork. Mixing styles and media he is interested first and foremost in the confrontation between twisted, distorted or oversized objects and the viewer’s subjectivity.

The installation The Unity of the Real is literally the manifesto of this will through its mise en scène. In the tradition of Gino DE DOMINICIS' living sculptures, an elderly person in a wheelchair sits as the link between two unanimated sculptures. Through the distorting prism of the silent protagonist's mind, a German helmet appears at the same time monumental and rusty, reflecting the weight of the historical period it recalls. On the other hand Pacman, as intimidating as it is incomprehensible for the same character, becomes an oversized sculpture looking blurred and expressionist.

The Unity of the Real is also the title of the canvas completing the installation. Divided into four parts, each of them in a different technique, and representing a cat, it is an exact metaphor for the whole mental construction, where each fragment is linked to the others by a common denominator: reality itself.