Piero Golia
12/09/2007 > 10/11/2007

Opening on 12/09/2007, from 7 pm to 9 pm

On January 14, 2005, Italian artist PIERO GOLIA vanished in New York. He reappeared three weeks later, on the morning of February 7, at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. Between those two dates, he left absolutely no track of himself, crossing borders illegally, travelling without any trackable means of payment, thus living the adventurous life of a fugitive.

GOLIA presents here his Postcards from the Edge, a series of custom made woven blankets, picturing landscapes of a mythical journey through America, and the only remains of his vanishing experience.

Typical of GOLIA's taste for creating works that are as much talked about as they are looked at, this adventurous journey has been reconstructed by Italian filmmaker Filippo BARBIERI. With the help of the head of the Italian Police cyber investigation unit, and of a criminal psychologist, he followed and filmed the most likely route of a fugitive travelling from New York to Copenhagen.