Sarah Emerson
06/04/2004 > 22/05/2004

Opening on 06/04/2004, from 7 pm to 9 pm

For her first exhibition in France, SARAH EMERSON has created a series of painting featuring wild animals – wolves, deers, a fox, a snake –in their natural habitat. In a climate of sometimes autumnal, sometimes wintry tones, scenes of violence – scenes of wolves hunting, or fighting over a piece of meat – alternate with moments of calm, where omnipresent death continues to prowl.

Her painting technique and use of colour evoke the American Pop art tradition and seem in opposition to the natural subjects represented. The kaleidoscopic effect of the applications of contrasting colours makes the figurative scenes lean towards abstraction. Tightly focused, these scenes melt into their background. The animal world appears here in all its ferocity as in all its vulnerability, intimately linked to its environment. Revealing a cruel and majestic nature, the works of SARAH EMERSON come to establish a sentiment both disturbing and dreamy.


SARAH EMERSON was born a Port Huron (USA). She lives and works in New York. She has exhibited widely including at White Columns (New York), Creative Alliance (Baltimore) and London House (London).