Haluk Akakçe, Annika Larsson
17/01/2003 > 15/03/2003

Opening on 17/01/2003, from 7 pm to 9 pm

ANNIKA LARSSON's video installations represent slightly altered universes obeying to autonomous rules. The artist stages only men and deals with primarily male themes and their symbolic language, questioning concepts such as expressions of power, submission or violence.

For her first gallery exhibition in Paris, ANNIKA LARSSON created the video Pink Ball, which deals with recurrent themes in her work. In the middle of a meticulously controlled setting (a smooth and sterilized beach), three impassive men seem to be absorbed by minimal, ritualized and enigmatic actions. Two of the protagonists play with the third one, whose pink bathing cap echoes the pink ball of the Sony Aibo dog seen at the beginning of the video. This type of robot is indeed programmed to be attracted by the pink color.

The sharp precision of the framing reinforces the singularity of the icy settings and the use of sound – an electro cover of The Cure's track The Forest by artist Tobias BERNSTRUP – as an autonomous element emphasizes the inner tension of the video. The ambiguity of attitudes and relations of strength between the different characters lies in the fact that the only expression of power is established by the real “queen of the game”, ANNIKA LARSSON. "The people I use in my works, rather then creating characters, become figures lacking individual history or depth; they are mere ciphers. I do not mean to just represent Everyman, rather each one of them is the carrier of a wider dialogue strictly related to myself and my intimate being".

Rather than developing an analytical discourse or a simple narrative, she submerges us into a peculiar world where perfection, elegance and the power of details - a hand on a rose bath cap, a pink ball in a man's mouth – confront us with our distress facing the power which emerges from her images.



HALUK AKAKÇE's work explores the relation between Man and technology. His wall paintings and digitally animated videoprojections are conceived as 3D spaces where viewers enter. For his first exhibition in France, the artist shows three original video works: Birth of Art, Black on White and White on Black (The Fiction of an Isolated Object) and Blue and Black on White.

In Birth of Art, hyperrealistic flowers in a virtual world are set in motion. The video consists of two contrasting parts. Both the images and the musical theme –composed by Michael VECCHIO - first express the hectic feeling of contemporary lives, then create a space of inner serenity where the pavement of a cathedral is reflected in digital flowers. HALUK AKAKÇE uses computer ressources to explore and extend the boundaries of painting : "My digital paintings are an attempt to create duration within a plane surface."

Black on White and White on Black (The Fiction of an Isolated Object) and Blue and Black on White are meant as minimal paintings. A flow of lines evolves using a limited range of colors: white, blue and black. Each line symbolizes both innocence and solitude : "In their continuous movement of gathering and separation, they either reinforce themselves with tension or shiver with fragility."



Cosmic Galerie features a bookshop in collaboration with Ofr and a specific video program by bdv, Bureau des Vidéos (Stéphanie MOISDON-TREMBLEY and Nicolas TREMBLEY). Parallel to the exhibition of HALUK AKAKÇE - ANNIKA LARSSON bdv presents videos by the French artist Laetitia BENAT (Halvimar, 2002) and by the German artist Markus SCHINWALD (Dictio Pii, 2001).