Marcello Simeone
05/06/2003 > 19/07/2003

Opening on 04/06/2003, from 7 pm to 9 pm

Napolitan, born in 1973, MARCELLO SIMEONE illustrates in his pictures, videos and installations a personal universe at the same time rough and sensual, where the ordinary becomes intimate poetry. His own experience is only the starting point of artworks that show a fascination for fringe cultures, street life, electronic music, where teenage excess and unbalance become melancholy elegance.
MARCELLO SIMEONE stages his urban cartography, sensitive and dark. Fragments of everyday life, a sculpture made of silent speakers, a beheaded crucifix and a circular carpet of plastic bags are part of a scenario between real life and dreams of another life. Farther, an enlarged brooch becomes a precious painting; next to it, a museum showcase displays relics from the turn of the 80s, spoons as they could be found in Neapolitan bars: pierced so that they would not be stolen by drug addicts.
On the upper floor, MARCELLO SIMEONE recreates the decorum of a club (darkness, jerky and violent stroboscope light, face of a woman glimpsed between two lightnings), flash of a night almost ended. A techno DJ in the beginning of the 90s, the artist has composed a 40 minute track while preparing the show, specially edited in a 150 ex. CD.