Alfredo ACETO, Jack GREER, Benjamin HORNS
The Arcades Project

Opening on Thursday, September 11 from 7 to 9 PM

Exhibition on view until October 11, 2014 from Tuesday to Saturday, 2 to 7 PM

'The Arcades Project' is an ensemble of unfinished essays, fragments and collected quotations, written by German philosopher Walter BENJAMIN from 1927 to 1940 posthumously published. In this collection, the author evokes the Parisian passages, home to myriad boutiques. During his wanderings through these arcades, Walter BENJAMIN matured his influential concept of the historian as 'rag collector' who accrues small elements that relate to the past, bringing them together in a common narration. According to Walter BENJAMIN, the historian's task is less about the uncovering of absolute truths than the assembly of ruins of past times in the creation of a colorful and engaging mosaic.

The artists gathered for this exhibition work in the same spirit as the Benjaminian historian: with a gesture comprising both collection and montage. They use materials taken from their everyday surroundings; they gather anecdotes, citations, real and imagined histories. Following this initial harvesting, they assemble fragments into abstract paintings and sculptural objects, breathing new life into both materials and media loaded in art history. In this way, their works acknowledge Walter BENJAMIN's belief that 'the world is present in every one of its objects'.